Twitter Meetup On Hiatus

It has been fun, but since the organizers have been too swamped with other things the Berlin Twitter Developer Meetup will take a break until further notice.

If anybody wants to organize the next meetup, just speak up.

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Twitter Developer Meetup October 16 at cbase

Another meetup, another short notice: I’ll definitely be at the cbase for the meetup tomorrow. If you want to present something, please let me know, otherwise we could just chat and code.

As always, please register on Lanyrd if possible.

Hope to see some of you there!

Also still looking for a coorganisator!

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Next Twitter Developer Meetup: August 21 at cbase

Update: I messed up again and originally wrote the wrong date (15th). The Meetup takes place on the 21st of August

So I guess the summer break is over (even though it is still summer – go to a lake now!), and we’ll meet again Tuesday in two weeks (August 21) @cbase, 7pm. Hopefully we’ll have Kai Hendry talk about and @gefruckelt give a followup talk about his Twitter bots. If you have other topics you would like to talk about, please get in touch and/or register on Lanyrd.

As usual, the meetup takes place at cbase, Rungestraße 20, Berlin.

Subscribe to the mailing list and follow @berlinTwackers to stay informed about upcoming meetups!

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Next Meetup: July 17th 2012

Update: we’ll have to skip this meetup as both Stefan and Björn are out of town tomorrow

The last meetup had a really short notice, so it ended up being a small round (essentially @pixelpartner and @stefanhoth). Nevertheless the discussions were great (using favorites for automated flattring, DIY 3d viewers, Twitter’s Geolocation API), and cbase showed it’s best side: sitting outside next to the Spree on a sunny day.

The next meetup will take place on July 17th, again @cbase, Rungestraße 20, Berlin.

Please get in touch if you would like to present something or have other ideas you would like to discuss at the meetup. And of course if possible register on Lanyrd (optional).

I have also created a Google Calendar with the times of the upcoming meetups (every third Tuesday of the month).

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Next Meetup: June 19 at cbase

Meeting today at cbase. No talks scheduled yet, so I suggest a hack session. Either hack on your own stuff or start a Twackers project together?

If possible, please register on Lanyrd if you plan to attend.

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Next Meetup: May 15th at c-base

The next Berlin Twitter Developers Meetup will take place on May 15, 7pm at the cbase (Rungestraße 20, Berlin). You can register on Lanyrd (not mandatory) and tell others.

We look forward to doing a short Q&A session with Jason Costa from Twitter via Skype!

Jens Altman will give a talk about “Clever Social Media Bots on Twitter”.

There is now a Google Group for discussing topics and related things but you can still follow our twitter account to stay updated.

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